MP (8-6-60 / Philipines)

The One Armed Man

Where are u God
I've worshiped u for so long
I believe in the Bible
But are the words in it right or wrong

I go to kneel in your house
I put money in the collection
But every time i call upon u
I seem to receive a holy rejection

My family believes in you
But they don't know how to be free
I tried to commit suicide
But you took my brother instead of me

My mother believes in you
But she doesn't remember my name
My little brother believes in you
But he hides away in shame

The GoldenGirl believes in you
But she only believes in getting stoned
She stole my mother of sorrow
And then mother put her away in a home

Sister believes in you
But she lost all the passion in her heart
And I don't want to see sisters sadness
Because it tears me apart

The Military Man believes in you
He came to rescue me at my home
He once had wonderful pool parties
But now he swims alone

The Mechanic believes in you
But I only see him in my car
Many times I reminded him I was his godson
I'm sorry godmother but I don't know who you are

The Cop believes in you
God save him and remember his name
He is a true brave soldier of the underground
Though I only see him at my poker game

The old grumpy grouch believes in you
Sorry lord, he is alive but his soul died
You gave him the gift of too many children
Now his brain is fuckin' fried

The young one believes in you
But he crossed over to the dark
Pleez have mercy on his soul o lord
When he overdoses in the park

The big italian man believes in you
Pleez lord take away the pain in his back
And hear him good lord when he roars
And gets ready to attack

I believe in you lord but
I say uncle, I can no longer have hope
There have been many good men in my life
But they are unable to cope

All men are cowards including me
But through the words I write I shall stand
All the men in my life are disappearing
Just like the one armed man

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Rudyard Kipling


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