Your Share

Your share

If someone is billionaire
Necessarily, we should not be poor
If it is his luck
In our mind it should not be struck

How he became rich?
And why I could not reach?
Certain things make us unhappy
With burden loaded already

So others might have their own style
You go with your own meanwhile
You may not be rewarded that much
But certainly be enough to call as rich

You shall look happy person
With reasons
That you have earned with hard work
And no appreciation is needed with words

You have got your share
And that shall make your future
Yu shall plan accordingly
And lead the life happily

by Hasmukhlal Amathalallal

Comments (3)

Why must everything have a christian message? Why must everything be about something? I would be a fool to deny this is anything less than a brilliant poem, yet I have a completely different interpretation. My view is no more or less valid then yours (unless your Matthew) , but I don't fel the need to attempt to convert you to them. I wish people could just accept a great work of art for what it is, wihtout always having to try it fit into their narrow worldview. I don't know what Matthew meant, but I think I do- and I'm probably wrong. So I'll just say I like the poem, and leave it at that.
I like this; it's very thoughtful. I can see you put a lot into this one. I see a high-powered executive, cutthroat and blood-thirsty; but that goes to show how you nailed this one. Sometimes the greatest demons are right under our noses. Nicely done.
this poem is very good. While abstract, I got a christian message out of it. It made me think of the end times with teh antichrist. I like it.