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The One From The Land Of The Free

I know one in his early forties he says I'm from The Land of the Free
But nothing else I know about him or what might be his Nationality
Since he speaks with a cosmopolitan accent to any Land he might belong
I could guess what Country he comes from but then my guess may well be wrong.

I once asked him an honest question saying you can be honest with me
What Country do you really come from and where is The Land of the Free
For I've never heard of that Country and I wonder where it might be
Is it some sunlit Earthly Utopia somewhere in the Southern Sea?

My questions did really amuse him and a big smile lit up his face
He said of The Land of the Free there is not or ever was such a place
I only say The Land of the Free since in my heart I am truly free
Of the unhappiness that many know and of stress and worry and misery.

A happy go lucky type of a fellow and a very good and decent bloke
He smiles a lot and he laughs heartily at the punchline of any good joke
One from The Land of the Free and he is one who is free of stress
And he is one that who has in him the marvellous gift of happiness.

by Francis Duggan

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