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The One I Hate
TC (May 22,1988 / Kansas CIty, Mo)

The One I Hate

I hate this person I have become
And even though I try I can't become more
I hate these deadly thoughts I have
And when I try to think of something else it doesn't make sense.

I hate what you have done to me
All the pain, the anger, the hate is because of you
And when I try to express how I feel
You leave, Mother why do you always leave.

You did not give birth to me but yet you raised me
I am surprise I am not an image of you
You have filled my heart with hate and lies
I hate what you have made of me.

Because of you I am afraid to love
Because of you I am afraid to trust
The memories began to take over me
And all I want is to hide.

The one I hate is the one who lives within
The one who lets you push the buttons and then gives in
One day that person will be no more
And then I will truly be happy.

Even though you may think I hate you I dont
Because of you I will never be used again
You will never see me cry again
Until that day the one I hate is me.

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That was an amazing poem and very interesting I loved it. thanks for writing it!