The One I Never Knew

You kissed my knee so softly then
And pressed it to your breast.
And then you turned your head to me
And laid it there to rest.

You took your hand and squeezed my thigh
And closed your eyes to smile.
I was so glad to have you there,
To hold me for awhile.

As I sat perched in the window
And you stood at my side,
I realized it was a dream
And you were not my bride.

Awakened from another dream
As I am every day.
I just turned to rise in sorrow
For dreams that go away.

I endure my days in sadness
And bottle up my tears.
I store them for the evenings,
Though some I've held for years.

But I still know the night will come
When all my dreams come true.
And I will see you once again,
The one I never knew.


Comments (45)

''And I turned to rise in sorrow For dreams that go away.'' .......................................i enjoyed this read immensely....+
this is a very powerful and impressive piece. filled with such emotions and beauty.
I liked this one. Not sappy. Begins with tender love yet not graphic and ends with pain and loss. Evoked emotion in me which is good.
This is wonderful. It makes me very sad, though. I feel like there's a person like this to everyone...a feeling commonly experienced. Great job.
This is so soft and preciously beautiful... yet is heavy with sorrow and longing. Masterfully done... even more incredible due to the feeling of honesty it has.
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