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The One I See As A Hero

We are living in an age when top sports people and top actors are grossly overpaid
And too much of those with celebrity status by the masses is made
We make small gods out of people who seem very ordinary
But having said that everyone is different and we see things differently.

The ordinary person to one may be a hero to me
People would seem very boring if on everything they did agree
What's a flower to one person to another is a weed
And some are born to follow and others born to lead.

At understanding people I am not good at all
We make heroes out of young men who are good at playing football
Though little for humanity they ever seem to do
Still the one I see as a hero seems quite ordinary to you.

The winner feels elated victory is always sweet
And few applaud the loser though quite gallant in defeat
Still out of celebrities and sports people too much by too many made
They seem far too egotistical and are grossly overpaid.

by Francis Duggan

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