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The One In Only

I love you
I won't to be with you
when I see you my eyes brighten
and when I dont I can't breath very well
you are my half you complete me
wothout you I can't live happily
I wont to be next to you
Be the one who makes you happy
when you walk next to me I see you
like an angel and it's like walking on the
moon, The first time that I saw your eyes
I couldn't stop thinking about you
I see you in my dreams
Everywhere i go I see you
You are the one who makes me happy
so I wont you to know
that i'm in love with you
and I wont to know what you think
about me because I realize that
without you next to me i'm not hungry or thristy
I wont to be apart of your life so
please tell me that I can have a
place in your heart
you have all ny heart to yourself
you make me shine like the
stars in the sky

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Pablo Neruda

If You Forget Me

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Hi Montika, A different take on this lovely feeling called love: You are the one who makes me happy- So simply stated; but so eloquent...100++++