The One Kiss

The one kiss
I ought to have dismissed
Is haunting me like an unsettled ghost

by Lovina Sylvia Chidi Click to read full poem

Comments (6)

lovely poem...Indeed, as our journey continues our yearning for certain things grows and we have to keep reminding ourselves that they will not return...Congrats on being poet of the day!
A creative and complling composition. Congrats!
Wonderful poem, Sylvia. Congratulations for having it selected as Member Poem of the Day!
Human nature.....and the tendency to be indulged in making forbidden or wrong things...yes we can't always avoid seven deadly sins like temptation or greed......thanks... Congrats being member poet.....keep sharing..
The kiss of the forbidden apple! ! Love and dreams. Thanks for sharing this lovely poem with us.
How an innocent act of kissing can lead to an obsession of sorts, has been explained so passionately by the poet. Thanks. I would like to quote: Time has passed, My mind still wanders without rest To forget, I try to do my best