The One & Only Bobby Obst

In case you didn't know him well
Here's a story I will tell

We all watched you from boy to man
Taking it easy as best one can

You were never short nor small
Just always said ' me a tall'

You were stong as an ox
Sometimes sly like a fox

You loved the thunder and the rain
You left this world with no pain

Your favorite thing was to sit and eat
Never a change in the midst of heat

You used to sit and rock
Without regards towards the clock

Your as gentle a giant as ever seen
Never not once were you mean

You brought joy and laughter
This cannot leave, now or after

They have opened the skies to take you away
But your life won't end not this day

We'll rememnber you from youg to old
Your memories with us to be retold

by Mike Schulz

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