The One Red Flag

Though our hearts are dyed in every hue,
Its red that binds us through and through.
Upon a Crimson banner all our hopes we pin,
Behind this ruddy standard, stand all manner of men.

The people’s scarlet pennant, the One we’ve newly chose,
Dawn gives light to this new World, the color of the Rose.
All the ensigns of the Order that are tainted with shades of Blue,
Your end is quickly coming, your day is nearly through.

For those whose lot it is, to stand forthright and fight,
Keep this Red Flag high and well within your sight.
Sheltering those in respite beneath its sanguine shade,
Unite us all in purpose, with all the good God’s made.

We’ll soak the flag with both our fallen’s blood,
And mix our colors through and through in the homeland’s mud.
Those who stand behind this flag a martyr we may be,
For we were born to die, to conceive a future free….

by Russ von Ohlhausen

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