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The One Tear You May Miss
(04 October 1943 / Germany)

The One Tear You May Miss

Poem By Herbert Nehrlich

Your heart keeps beating in your chest,
incessantly. And thank you, God.
The only time it gets to rest
is when it's working, which is odd.

So many things attack the heart,
from poisons to a lack of care.
It takes some knowledge to be smart
and give it always its fair share.

The nutrients that drive your system
are not an option to ignore.
Believe me, those who often miss them
live to their fifties, not much more.

Coenzyme-Q, Potassium, Juice,
the B-complex and lots of C,
there really is no good excuse
to do without to a degree.

No need to learn biology,
the names of chemicals as such,
to forestall any misery
apply the rules with golden touch.

Just eat thy food as God intended
and stay away from modern things.
The age of common sense has ended,
we do not know what this one brings.

To keep your health become a shaker,
and question all, get educated,
and when it's time to meet your maker
your body will be A-1 rated.

A tiny warning though I'll add:
About the heart, its biggest foe
is one small germ which is quite mad.
equipped to kill just like a pro.

The favourite place for him to hide
and send his scouts down to your valves,
is in the gums, so deep inside
that nothing gets them, pills or salves.

So, if you have postponed attending
the dentist due to inborn fear,
remember that the most heart-rending
result will be an early tear.

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Comments (4)

I'm a little funny about dsentists.......don't care for them but I feel the same way about going to the doctor too :)
Well this poem may send people scurrying back to their dentist. Very well written and an eye-opener! Raynette
Gingivitis/periodontitis and infected teeth are the second most important cause of heart disease and failure. Best H
Always informative........What hurts the heart in the gums? Are you talking about gingivitis? (SP?) I never knew there was a connection between the gums and heart (well, you know what I mean.) Wonderful poem Herbert. Sincerely, Mary