The One That Got Away

You know how you always have that one regret
Or that hope for something that didn’t happen yet
Or that one girl
That you made your world
Or maybe you didn’t
And you made pushing her away
Apart of your mission
And every day you had her wishing
That she was the one you were missing
While all along she knew the truth
Knowing she was never the first you’d choose
And all you ever did was bring tears to her eyes
And pain to her heart
When all she ever did was care
And stay by you from the start
You know how you treat somebody like dirt?
Put a strain on them
And cause more hurt
Make them feel like they don’t matter
And push them away
Causing their heart to shatter
And yet again they stay
But then their finally gone
After all the painful days
Then you suddenly realize how much they are worth
And that finding anyone like them
Is rarely if even possible to occur
And then you realize how special they truly were
But now it’s too late
Because now their marked as
The one that got away

by Shilesha Johnson

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