The One That I Prayed

The one that I prayed

Its been a month since I met her.
Since that day I always want to see her.
Her smile and glimpse makes me happy
I wish that she could be my lady.

I see in her eyes a wonderful heart, .
And i pray in God that she open her heart.
Coz this feeling of mine was getting stronger.
And I feel that I cannot live without her.

I am shy person but I will shout
I will shout how much I love her
Though this life is not enough
But to love her I will not stop

Coz since I met her my Days are complete
Even though I know to many is competing
But I don’t care coz I know deep in my heart
This feeling of mine is true and I am sure of that.

Time will pass and years will come.
But my love will never gone.
Coz I know you are the one.
The one that I prayed since I start to run.

‘’The one that I prayed ‘’

by roberto alaurin

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