The One That Tries To Help

No matter what you say or do,
No one seems to care,
No matter how much you try to help,
All they do is glare.

Even when you forsake yourself,
And focus on their needs,
They never seem to appreciate,
The intentions of your deeds.

All you do is try to help,
With the things that they go through,
Not even once do they stop and think,
Of what you’re trying to do.

It matters not who you try to help,
Be it family, foe or friend.
They never seem to realise,
What you try to do for them.

So what do you do with a loved one,
When they reach their end?
Do you stop and turn back for them,
Or leave them there for dead?

You turn back of course, to help them out,
To help them deal with life,
But all that does is seem to land,
You into deeper strife.

But what you never stop and think,
When helping others but yourself,
Is that no one ever speaks well,
Of the one that tries to help.

April 2003

by Marlon Harvie

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