The One True Religion

Researchers say Mormons have continued
to posthumously baptize Jewish Holocaust victims
into their faith despite a promise to discontinue the practice

Members who write letters seeking to resign
will be contacted by church leaders to make sure
they're not being pressured, and that they understand
the consequences for their Souls

His hearing was June 15,
held before 15 assembled church leaders.
Twelve men from the high council and three state presidents –
All just to kick out one gay man who wants to be out.
He felt like one letter should have done it

Family members who had not known he was gay
have cut off contact with him as a result

by Michael Philips

Comments (3)

For some real disturbing insights into this warped version of Christianity, I highly recommend Jon Krakauer's 'Under the Banner of Heaven.' Excellent poem, Michael
Thanks for this insight into yet another dark corner of intolerance.
My son is gay and so this touches me, angers me, hurts me. Thank you for this excellent piece. Chrissie