The One Who Deliberately Hurt Your Feelings

The one who deliberately hurt your feelings will never become your friend
Since words can be quite hurtful and deeply offend
You may be one the insulting one willing to forgive
But the mental hurt you will never forget for as long as you will live
That words can be very hurtful does remain ever true
And though the offending one you can legally sue
Words like mud tends to stick as the wise one does say
This is how it is and will always be this way
It is hard to say anything positive in the defense
Of those with words who deliberately insult others and on so doing cause offense
They are never the most popular people in the town
Who in their words find pleasure on putting others down
Treat others as you would like them treat you is how it ought to be
Respect does earn you respect would you not agree?

by Francis Duggan

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