The Ones Who Don't Belong 1.

Poem By Liāna Langa

I wake suddenly from deep sleep.
In the forest's undergrowth my shadow roams.
Hundred-thousand-year greedy muzzles suck
moisture clinging to a vessel of mist.

Like a large wet green tea leaf
the sky swims into my eyes - the narrows
do not frighten it. Star ships
nestle close to me, the wreck.

I don't know what the beasts will tell me,
don't understand why my visitors are silent.
I was your key, the new wine
that the devout locked away in dark barrels.

In a trance the dark breathes, dissolves,
casts in my features other reflections
of other bygones, other lives
and then inside a large part of me dies.

I suddenly wake from a deep sleep
as the grains of your hail erode my face.
Someone in an owl's voice says: God
but your hand is empty, empty.

Translated by: Margita Gailītis

Comments about The Ones Who Don't Belong 1.

Lovely poem, well articulated and nicely penned in good diction with conviction. Thanks for sharing.
grains of your hail erode my face Great conceptualization. Thanks for sharing.10 points.

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