The Only Girl That Cared

you, the only girl that cared
whenever i felt blue
you were always there
by my side, when no one else cared
as everyone push me away
in the lonesome cold
i felt deep sorrow
you were always there to put a smile
on my face and lift my spirit
out of the darkness.

you, the only girl that cared
words can't described our friendship
it's as pure as the light of heaven
every minute that me and you
spend, i feel our friendship
getting stronger, strong enough
that no mountain, fire or obstacle
would come between us.

you, the only girl that cared
if death himself were to
make his move upon us
then let thy fate be the death
of self sacrifice for you
even if the flesh is dead
part of my heart will still live on
and you will always remain in it.

I pray to the man upstairs
that I will never lose you or this
friendship, and I thank him for
bringing you into my life
most of all i have to thank
you, the only girl that cared.

by David Riley

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