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The Only Light I See

he is the only light I have
for I lost my own so long ago
he makes me see the light
he taught me to see the light in everything
but right now he is the only light I see
the only one I can find
I search for other lights
but no luck
and if I do happen to find one
it is always out of reach
for I try to move into the light
but I’m chained down in the darkness
locked down tight
I try to fight
but the more I struggle
the tighter the chains become
the weaker I become
he gave me strength
but I need to find my own light
the one I lost so long ago
so that I can be strong enough to break these chain
and be able to move into the light with him
for he waits for me
but how long will it take
how long will he wait

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Open up your heart and your mind to the light...it shines into you and helps you to create the poems...so it is there, you just have to raise your chin up and be so glad for another day...to write! Look For The Light! Theo
nothing is unbreakable, except love, break the darkness and follor ur heart and good write
Good write