PP (28 May 1990 / Maphumulo at KZN)

The Only One

The only one who caried me for such a long time
protected me against hurt
looked after me unborn and cherished every moment we had
the one who bared all the sickness that emerged
who gave me life as i was still the unborn one
the one who suffered from the labour pain because of me

she breastfed me and gave me life to grow up
tought me how to speak properly, how to walk
she took care of me and all my needs and wants
the one who tought me the ways of life
she who gave me life as she sent me to school

The one who cared and loved me over my wrong doings
she was patient until i changed to be the good girl
the one who will never leave me, hurt me
she will lways be glad foever because she have the daughter
that she loves
That the one god gave me as the everlasting gift, mom.

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Rudyard Kipling


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