The Only One

When all is said and done,
There still is only One,
True and living God,
Eternal God, and that is YOU!
You created Heaven and Earth,
And you created man too.
All praise, honor and glory,
Is due only to YOU.
You Lord God are the only one,
Who is worthy to be praised.
Your true power has been,
Shown throughout all age.
You are the Father, and you are the Son,
And you are the Holy Spirit too!
Many cannot understand this Lord,
Just how that this could be.
But I thank you Lord,
That you explain, how this could be to me.
That I was born a daughter of
The late Mr. and Mrs. T.C. Beets.
That I grew up and married a young man
Named Claude Curnutt.
That I then became a Mother,
Of two daughters, Betty Lou and Clara Ruth.
"It is the Positions of God,
That men do not understand!"
You was first a daughter, then a wife and a
Mother too, you have all three positions.
But all three is still the same YOU!
"You change positions, and I do too!"
"I am, your Heavenly Father,"
"I am, the Son Jesus, who died for you"
"I am, the Holy Spirit, who sealed you"
"Therefore I am, the Trinity."
"I am, the positions of all three,
And you are a Trinity too".
"A daughter, wife, and mother,
makes up all three positions of you"
Lord, I know I have a responsibility,
in each positions you have given me.
And without your guidance Lord, I could never do,
Any of the three positions given me by you.
Heavenly Father you are the Only One,
the true and living God!
So I give Praise, Honor, and Glory to you,
Because, Lord, you are worthy, and of my Love too!
Lord, I am looking for the day,
You will come and take me with you to stay,

by Lillian Curnutt

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