BR ( / Cleveland, Ohio USA)

The Only Wise God (Yah)

Life deals a nasty hand, often bitter and cold
You'll find more of the same, as your journey unfolds
Look to YESHUA as you travel on life's bumpy roads
Shout victory is mine, Victory is mine to have and to hold

YESHUA's big and YESHUA's bold
He's the all encompassing riches untold
Your unfashioned spirit he'll continuously mold
Worth more than the universes weight in gold

By YESHUA, be inspired
His love will take you higher
When times are tough, you're tried by fire
Just realize the devil is a liar

Put on the whole armour of YAH, gasp and swallow
Take all things in stride, when hope seems hollow
In self pity, dare not wallow
Walk in his ways, knowing prospeity follows
Don't delay, your victory awaits!

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