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The Only Wish

I never wished to be
a lonely sparrow
that lives in a luxurious
golden cage

I never wished to be
a strong eagle
that flies across the
clear blue sky

I never wished to be
a brawny lion
that reigns the kingdom
of wild animals

I never wished to be
the sunshine
that has lost its
lustrous glow

I never wished to be
a high mountain
that has no beautiful
pelting cascades

I never wished to be
the deep blue sea
that has no precious
pearls at its bottom

I never wished to be
the morning dew
that spills away from
a dangling rose

I never wished to be
the silver tears
that fall from your
sparkling eyes

I only wished to be
a golden memory
that always remains
in your mind...

Copyright(c) Hemakumar Nanayakkara

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wow...such a simple notion which holds so much beauty and are truely worth reading again and again...
wow! it really really touch me! I enjoy all other poems from you but this is just amazing! thanks for sharing!
this poem says such a lot, reading not only the lines, but between them....i love it. thanks for sharing. Jen x :)
Dear Hemakumar, this is beautiful! Such wonderful images that build to a perfect denouement. Splendid poem. love, Allie ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
very beautiful poem. I was wondering where you were going w/ it until those last few lines, 'the golden' themed memory is really nice imagery 10/10
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