ER (always / omniscient)

The Opposing Lined Canvas

There is a tenuous line etched between my brow now
A seam dividing two hemispheres lives
On the forefront of my face

Trust me, everyone can see
Painted in black and pacing

Like a mourning widow
In and out of consciousness
I linger
A little longer

Back and forth and around
and down in time
I will furrow further

I will burrow
Until when

It appears my feet have engaged the rocks
Does the escalated Earth devour feet completely?
The what?
The weight has found me

I'm pacing here
How bout yourself?
I just want to lay down softly

To slumber
Dreaming in the belly of the moon
You may know me as that
Fairy with her

Feet roaming rampant (inside the clouds)
But, now?
Is Now, my Dear

While the peace of sleep eludes me
The line
Has etched it's way to my identity

And, I?
The opposing lined canvas
Only draws circles.

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