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The Optimist And The Pessimist
JM ( / Paramaribo, Suriname)

The Optimist And The Pessimist

Poem By Joan Marques

While part of me foresees near-future global integrations
Another part fears endless wars and hatred between nations
And while, on one hand, I truly enjoy the changing seasons
I also whine and whimper about them for millions of reasons

Some people know the art of being optimists in life:
While others have the gift to change each act into a strife
The zealots value pleasant sides of everything they see
The doomsayers make sure they never once set their minds free

Most of the time there's part of both in every one of us
Depending on our mindset we accept, or make a fuss
On happy days our glass is half full, and we celebrate
In gloomy times half empty, and we cry about our fate

It brings to mind two little boys with clear opposite views
One singing morning glory, while the other cried the blues
The optimist was dancing in the fertilizing rain
The pessimist just growled out that the dancer was insane

I bet you recognize yourself in each of these two lads
The cheerful one on sunny days; the drip on days with dreads
The wisest of advises, then, may be to dance life's twist
With open heart and mind toward our inner optimist

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Comments (1)

There's a lot of truth in what you wrote, Joan. I'm sure we do have a bit of both in each and every one of us. I like to think the optimist in me has the upper hand most of the time, though. A nice bit of writing. Love, Fran xx