TJ (17th June 1958 / England)

The Oracle Of Delphi

They came in selflessness:

They come in coaches:

All in all, it’s got me wondering
Whether The Oracle saw it coming;
And if she did, well, where she went,
And if she didn’t, why she was bent.

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Written after a visit to Delphi in the rain when it wasn't actually that crowded with tourists... and yes I was a tourist, but no I didn't come in a coach and follow a highly stressed tourist guide with 24 minutes to 'do' Delphi in 3 languages whilst simultaneously trying not to lose party members, answer daft or improbable questions and keep the younger consumers from scaling the columns and suffering the wrath of the curators. Practical suggestion: go in May (its green not brown) and not too busy and if you want to see the theatre at Epidorous go in just a while before closing: it is magic when empty and you can hear your voice carry in a whisper to the back row some 500m away. T