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The Oracle's Of God!
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The Oracle's Of God!

When Time comes - Want to know More
Hunger and Thrist after Our Lord!
There is so many books, a person can read
Trying to make it through Life, to succeed
Each one has something to say, help us through our day
One Night, I ask my Lord; 'Which one? Should I read?
For I have so many books that pertain to Thee!
He replied; 'My Child - There is Only One You Need! '
'The Oracles of God! '
I didn't understand - didn't know what He meant
That's when I took - Time - Spent
Looking Into the Scriptures! Of God's Divine Word
He revealed to me - The Holy Bible!
Holds The Oracle's of God!
Word of God Speaks - Faith cometh by Hearing-
Hearing cometh by the Word of God!
Awesome! Praise God Be!
For Showing this to Me!
Only One Book I/we will ever Need! The Holy Bible!
Which God has given to You and Me! Praise God!

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