*** [the organization's measurable depth]

Poem By Daniel Falb

the organization's measurable depth, which animates us. checking the
prototype meter. the houses made of cake.

montagne sainte-victoire´s twenty four expiring versions per time
unit. notice the fresh expiration dates on everything around you.

nature produces pre-prepared food. therefore through public offices
the harvested passes, the body weight passes, clothed.

we lay on top of each other, in the overlap of generations. above me a
president and the endless array of his most vivid performers.

says one pea to the other. the supply lines are covered over and over
with residential areas. layers of city offices.

if structures take to the street then what exactly is the street. and the
fruit on the vine, optimally preserved for one second.

i paid cash in the grocery store and out of the atm the money came
back, the money which grows on trees.

Translation: Christian Hawkey

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the miss-pageant report started right there.

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