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The Orkney Islands - Ancient And Mysterious
BJM ( / Black Mountain, NC)

The Orkney Islands - Ancient And Mysterious

Poem By Barbara Jane Morris

Kirkwall, Scotland is the Capitol of 67 Orkney Islands.
Its ancestors go back 5,000 years, yet the islands are little known.
They lie 10 miles off the northern tip of Scotland's
Bonnie shores with its mild climate gulf stream blown. Here the rolling wheat and oat fields knew the Orcadian past
About the time when the first Egyptian pyramids were built.
"Skara Brae Village," the best Neolithic site in all of Europe, was cast
In stone, with hearth and underground sewers, long covered with silt. The "Ring of Brodgar," a circle of tall stones, is a mystery too -
A miracle of engineering! When the Orcadians left the "Picts" to reside,
Along came the "Vikings." The Vikings became Scottish through and through
When, in 1468 King James III of Scotland, took a Dane as his bride. Today, on wild walks along the Hoy, you hear the calling plea
Of Arctic Skuas, Peregine Falcons and Puffins as they fly.
While close to barren cliffs, cavorting in the rough North Sea,
The porpoise, otters, seals and whales cruise by. Sheep graze the shores where their seaweed fare was wild-wind tossed.
These winds are being harnessed by an aero-generator at Bulger Hill.
Yet the history of the Orcadian's distant past will never be lost
While the ancientness of Brodgar and Skara Brae are breathing still!

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