The Orphan

he was small
he was orphan
but he kept smiling
tears on his cheek
he was alone
but he kept laughing

Yaa rab, how this life turns
in my glory I still meet the pains
Yaa rab, how came I to this part
orphan I became in my heart
Yaa rab, who is the orphan now
that boy or me in my sorrow

he had pains, he had misfortunes
I know for a bread he was crawling
he kept working, he kept on crawling
I even had no power for his going
put me down on every trial for happiness
and my on going life is in hurry for falling

Yaa rab, look to his falling tear
for my heart they worked and tear
Yaa rab, hear and listen to his cries
could he be in something nice
Yaa rab, peace on him and me
let us have the mercy that to be
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by Taher Shemaly

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An exciting lovely poem! Gave my 10.