The Other Girl

The feeling of being stuck,
As if there is no way out.
A vicious love triangle,
Constantly going round in circles.
I dont know what to do,
All I'm doing is staying strong.
I want and care about him,
But the other girl wont let go.
It's if we are fighting over him,
But that other girl is determined to win.
I care about him enough,
That I will step to the side,
Even though I dont want to.
I know he wouldn't be happy with her,
He would let her walk all over him,
Just to have peace and quiet.
I want him to be strong,
And stick to what he wants,
Although I dont think he knows what he wants.
To be honest,
I wouldn't care if he didn't go with me,
I just hope he does things because he wants to.
Not because he has to,
Life doesnt work that way.
I'm scared that it goes,
Back to the way it was before.
In the end,
She's only a mate,
It's not like she can tell him what to do.
All I know,
Is that other girl needs to get a life.


by Hazel Mc Taggart

Comments (2)

A good poem with a natural and honest conclusion.
A poem from the heart Hazel, and I think you have answered your own questions here, a ten from me, best wishes Lynda