The Other Girl

The Other Girl says all men are dogs
LaCicely has begged to differ

The Other Girl has a man at home
LaCicely home is where you belong

The Other Girl is physically flawless
LaCicely's inward features make her look a mess

The Other Girl says she got your back to the end
LaCicely turned out to be the girl who had to defend

The Other Girl has a big house and flashy cars
LaCicely has a heart big enough to send you to Mars

The Other Girl seems to be that of your wildest dreams
LaCicely then helps bring you back to real world realities

One day The Other Girl got caught in her tracks
LaCicely is the one you came calling back

The Other Girl dropped you oh so quick
LaCicely became the girl you THEN wanted to pick

The Other Girl that had your back was denying you
LaCicely tried to hold back telling you 'you the fool'

For now you see that The Other Girl wasn't worth your time
And now its LaCicely you want to call 'mine o mine'

Naw baby go get the Girl of your dreams who you thought was true
Cuz this here LaCicely is surely done with you!

LaCicely Nicole

by LaCicely Nicole

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The ending message fits the poem so well.