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The Other Half
AS (12-19-52 / Boston Ma.)

The Other Half

Poem By AHO Speaks

You have delayed releasing your full beauty on earth
My God, my God, the Heron and I both share your worth
Mine eyes see a bird upon which I rest
A coronation for the whole world that it loves the best.

Another day to add unto the eons of time
When you shared your creativity in my rhyme
What I see I know is taking place
My; my God with the beautiful handsome face.

The golden ball in its last stage of undress
As a river of light for earth's happiness
And so my Heron I must look at you
For my deam has become too intense to view.

My friend the Heron has made a catch to eat
Certainly a justification for its tired, tired feet
Even the water appears to have movement for this day
A day for toil, contributions and productivity, I say.

Even the bird has returned to his channel post
Here's to the good Commorant I wish you the most
I too will have my day in the sun
For what I saw in the beginning will be at the end; as the very same one..

11-12-05 Aho Speaks.

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