The Other Man

Poem By Ganiu.K Talabi

Love blinded me to see the writings wall
And I thought you were my one and all
I never believed you could say it is over
And that you had found another lover
After all the good times we shared
Can't our relationship be repaired?

I know love sometimes never remains the same
But breaking up this way will be a shame
That's why I begged you to please stop
Even though your mind was made up
We can still start all over again
And mend pieces of the broken chain.

To my pleading voice you did not listen
With me you did not want to see reason
On my knees I went and begged the more
But you packed and slammed shut the door
Without even looking back at the past
Seems you want to forget it very fast.

When you left I broke down and cried
Whoever said men do not cry actually lied
So I decided to go searching for you
Perhaps a little more begging will do
But then I suddenly changed my mind
Your new lover I must first of all find.

With temper boiling hot to his house I went on a hunch
In his face I was determined to put a punch
He attended to me like a decent man
I wasn't in the mood to play Mr Gentleman
But you could have told me he was an expert martial artist?
I wouldn't even have gone there not to mention throwing a fist

With lightning speed he threw me to the ground
Dazed my cheeks with slaps that made a thwacking sound
Brutally he slammed my face repeatedly into the concrete floor
Through gritted teeth he snarled "Punk you want some more? "
Pride won't let me succumb to defeat
Somehow I staggered to my feet

By this time a small crowd had gathered by
I saw you standing there through the corner of my eye
Did you find two men fighting over you a turn on?
Or was I just a love sick moron?
Then I noticed the blood pouring from my nose
There was also blood on my clothes

With renewed anger I threw a punch again
Which he blocked with contemptuous disdain
Being egged on by the now growing crowd
"Am gonna kick your ass punk! " he screamed aloud
Theatrically with one swipe he tore off his vest
Revealing his huge muscular arms and chest

I wondered how do I get out of this mess
And hoping my face wasn't showing my distress
Determined to be brave and not to be outdone
My jacket came off and shirt buttons came undone
Revealing my man boobs and pot belly
A result of eating much, no exercise and too much telly

For a few seconds we stared each other down
Just like they do in the movies in cowboy town
Now we were ready to fight man to man
And my girl just stood there her face was deadpan
The crowd went crazy shouting "Fight! Fight! Fight! "
Instinctively I clenched my knuckles tight

Simultaneously we went for each other at full force
I swear it felt like I had collided with a horse
Karate chops, roundhouse kicks, upper cuts and a left hook
Were delivered with savage power that my brain shook
Then he lifted and slammed me hard onto my back
Sat astride me and resumed his merciless attack

On their mobile phones the crowd recorded this barbaric scene
The humiliation and suffering of another human being
To upload onto youtube and their facebook page
This is the dark side of our mobile phone and computer age
We fought hammer and tongs, tooth and nail
But to be honest, he fought and I did wail

A good Samaritan pulled this maniac off me
My face was bruised, battered and bloody
Arrogantly he swaggered into your open arms
And you kissed him passionately with all your charms
You looked at me one last time and sighed in disgust
Oh well at least I can say I once loved and lost

Comments about The Other Man

I’m impressed by the journey that you took me, a full story woven into the fabric of the poem.
Impressed how you narrated an entire story into the fabric of the poem.You took me on a journey
Really an interesting story of a jealous lover that depicts the whimsical and temperamental nature of love. Elegantly narrated and deeply detailed. Thanks for sharing.
A refined poetic imagination, Ganiu. You may like to read my poem, Love And Lust. Thank you.

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4,3 out of 5
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