The Other Side Of Life

Traders besides the street
Hawkers of beckoning teeths.
End of progressing wealth.

Over hill and beyond death.
Tarmac of blood tilled with bones,
Hater's abode in varying tone.
Energizing witch-craft and western swiftness,
Retrieving destruction and unGodliness.

Scramble of ambiguity scattered around,
Ink of penury begotten inwardly abound.
Desacrated hope and shattered wills,
Emerging Joy bewitched with venomous pills.

Optimum validation is to their lavished,
Fame and wealth is from their banished.

Living like their is no life,
Incarnation of thriving strife.
Faith fated with frails and fears,
End of Joy-peace, wealth-luxury; all positive pairs.

by Adeyemi Joshua

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