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The Other Woman In My Life

One spring day,
it always seems to happen in spring
one spring day,
out of the blue
the other woman
popped into my life

I wasn’t looking for a relationship
no one really is,
but the first time I held her
I thought I was going to squeeze
the life out of her
but I didn’t

she is a good listener
keeps looking into my eyes
and laughs when
I am happy
one can’t ask for more in a friendship

It is hard to explain
but it is getting out of hand
she is calling me at all hours of the night
just what I need
a fatal distraction

I used to believe honesty is the best policy
but I am afraid to lose both of them
for the love of one

I think my wife knows
something is going on
but I don’t know what to do
or worse to undo
what has been done

but it is the nineties
and I am sure this thing happens all the time
to somebody else
but not me
not now

but what should I expect
from a three week old baby girl
my daughter
Lorena Pilar Barbosa-Mireles
the other woman
in my life

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delightful the end so charming the baby what a blessing you're a lucky man and a great poem here