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The Ouch (Children)
(04 October 1943 / Germany)

The Ouch (Children)

Doctor, doctor, how do you do?
Come and meet Skippy, the gray kangaroo.
Skippy and Joey, the one in the pouch,
Joey fell out and she now has an ouch.

Would you be kind Sir,
and fix Joey's ouch?
In the future she'll mind her,
once back in the pouch.

So the doc had a look
at the terrible gash.
Fifteen stitches it took
but was done in a flash.

Since the cut was positioned
in the Joey's pouch flap,
the smart doctor envisioned
that there would be no gap.

So he put in a zipper
for the future offspring.
Mum exclaimed 'What a ripper',
'twas a wonderful thing.

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funny! t'would be good for the kids if it wasn't so violent. Great use of words however.