The Outcast


Looking back from this space and time
I know I'm an outcast forever
In different ways
In outlook
And in love too...

I can see vaguely
Through the mist of the past
A playground
Some crayons scattered on the floor...
A Schoolbag torn apart...

Some children are playing in the ground
I look at them keenly..
But they look at me strangely
For I can't play with them any longer
Because I have become an outcast from there group forever.

who is that?
That smiling face..
He brings chocolate for me
He smiles at me from infinity
With fatherly affection
No I cant enter there
As I'm an outcast

How can I break this wall..
I want to go there desperately
That time, that space calling me
But i cant hear its voice

Though the wall is soft
I cant tear it apart
It says No entry For You
Because Now u have been an outcast forever.

Comments about The Outcast

Though the wall is soft I cant tear it apart It says No entry For You Because Now u have been an outcast forever. - beautiful lines
A Beautiful write. I am taking this poem in different way. Outcast from our past of our school days. Once the school days are over we are outcasted from it, though everything remain in our memories only. In one sense of our life, we can tell we are being outcasted from past where we cannot never go. I loved the way you presented it and beautiful topic. Thanks for sharing with us. Thanks a lot for beautiful comment on my poet's page.
Caste system of social stratification is an evil system that has continued to perpetuate man inhumanity to man. Thanks for writing on this evil system. Please read my poem MANDELA - THE IMMORTAL ICON.

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