JB (Aug.26,1989 / Huntington, NY)

The Outcome

Somewhere now –
They’re hiding in ambush.
Forget the sun—
They’re waiting for you.
Now I know, yes—
They’re in the open.
Please understand—
They seem to know.

Ask me why—
You’ve gone too far.
Step beyond—
You’ve said before.
Broken heart—
You’ve glued them shut,
Screaming lives—
You’ve let it go.

Here, I know—
I’ve joined your ranks.
Sad, dark days—
I’ve given in.
Evil waits now—
I’ve known so long.
Truth has betrayed me—
Forgive, please forgive.

Seeing nothing—
Breathing is slow.
What you know to be true—
Is dead.

They, you, I—
Never saw the outcome.
What we thought was freedom—
Really locked us away.
Never make this mistake—
Evade the tree, that hideous snake.
They, you, I—
Never saw this, then.
But here’s the outcome, despite.

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Comments (2)

A very pssionate poem, Jonzo. Good job conveying the emotion.
wow this is a powerful poem that relays equally powerful feelings. good job! love starr