The Outer Keep (Spinning Tales)

Throughout the Outer Keep
Skeleton knights walk back and forth
Brandishing swords
Regular skeletons are ready to attack
with bone-like whips
Some skeletons hang while trying to claw
and attack with their hands
Weird demons shoot out of the wall to
Skulls look left to right
As well as right to left
Monitoring what goes on
In the Outer Keep

Attacking the many skeletons and demons
I defeat them all
I jump on trick floors
And then quickly jump off
So I don't fall

Moving on
I come upon a chamber
Suddenly the room starts to turn and move
Looking around I realize I could be dead soon
As spikes will soon make up the floor

I see a stone ring
I wrap my whip around the ring
Hang on for a few seconds
Then dropp down on a platform below my feet

After my first trial
I realize that I must face a second trial

So I wrap my whip around the stone ring
And just wait

A bridge begins to form
Stone by stone
Once it stops forming
I swing back and forth on my whip to gain
With enough momentum
I make it on to the newly formed bridge

Walking along the newly formed bridge
I'm eager to leave this room behind

Falling for a bit
I land
And I continue along
Battling foes while the walls circle and turn
I don't know what kind of sinister magic
is on display here
But regardless I continue on

Skeletons fall from the ceiling
But I defeat them easily

In the final part of the Outer Keep
Platforms move up and only up
I pick my path carefully
Being careful of the spikes above and below

Fighting and surviving
The Outer Keep definitely had it in for me
But I survived
I succeeded
And the Outer Keep failed

by Justin Gildow

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