Oh, Dear Daughter

Little thought itself disturbs the mind
Thoughts of leaving dear ones or something of that kind
Shakes whole body in disbelief and remain perturbed
What would be the fate? Condition so disturbed

May it be the case of bidding farewell?
News from relatives for being unwell
Exact nature of it can’t express or tell
News so shocking …………..

It is human nature to react or forecast
Counter future plans before it takes off or blast
Well neat thinking or envisage safety plans
Relax and heaving sighs with casual glance

It augurs well with non sentimental issues
Some times we fail to catch its proper dues
May catch us unaware and off the guard
We feel being cheated of praise or reward

We are so touchy about grown up daughters
Situation remains tense when plan alters
Parent remain shocked with thought of departure
Think always of her well being and future

Tears gush almost breaking the flood gate
Uncontrolled emotions with cursing the fate
Think helplessly about the necessity of sacred bond
Waters can’t remain calm with fishes in the pond

Heart misses the beats with sad situation
Life time stay together is ruled out or out of question
She has to go with saying good bye to all
No regrets in life but respond to the call

Mothers my face and feel very lonely
Females adore more and make it homely
It is pleasant at home and one feels so lovely
Departure may be painful but must be faced bravely

by Hasmukhlal Amathalallal

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