(01/01/1966 / BIRMINGHAM)

The Paddle Steamer Ryde

Once proud as she sailed on the Solent
But now so in need of repair,
Lies stranded upon the Medina
And nobody now seems to care.

All of her glories forgotten
At Dunkirk a veteran of war,
A life full of unbroken service
No future has she anymore.

She served thirty years as a ferry
Her days then all ended in shame,
A restaurant and club on the river
The was gutted by fire and flame.

Her windows are now mostly broken
Her lifeboats are all missing too,
Her paddles have all but now rusted
Their housings have all rusted through.

Her black hull is now so corroded
Her portholes are all open wide,
Yet still her proud name is emblazoned
On her bow is the epitaph 'RYDE'.


Comments (3)

Shame that this vessal hasn't gone into the hands of a restoration group or a trust of somekind Eitherway, this poem is yet another heart-felt write by you Andrew Thankyou for sharing it, I'm enjoying reading your poetry VERY much Love duncan X
A great poem Andrew and as Ernestine said, wonderful imagery! ! *10*! ! ! Thank you for sharing! ! Friend Thad
Lovely, lovely. What imagery Andrew, I could see it all in front of me. Great write, I always think that seeing a boat in this state is so very emotional and sad. They are so real that you feel they have a soul. Love and hugs Ernestine XXX