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The Padkalpataru
(18 February 1486 - 1534 / Nabadwip, Nadia / India)

The Padkalpataru

'One day coming and smiling, sitting in Adwaita's house,
spake the son of Sachî, having Nityânand with him and Adwaita,
sitting in enjoyment, he planned a great festivity.
Hearing this, smiling with joy,
Sîtâ Thâkurânî coming spoke a sweet word:
hearing that with joyful mind the son of Sachî spoke
somewhat in regard to arranging the festival.
'Listen, Thâkurânî Sîtâ, bring the Baishnabs here;
making pressing invitation to them: whoso can sing,
whoso can play, invite them separately, man by man.'
Thus Gora Rai speaking gave orders for an assembly:
'Invite the Baishnabs! Bring out the cymbal and drum,
set out full pots painted with aloes and sandal-paste:
plant plantains, hang on them garlands of flowers,
for the Kîrtan place joyfully.
With garlands, sandal, and betelnut, ghee, honey, and curds
consecrate the drum at evening-tide.'
Hearing the lord's word, in loving manner
she made accordingly various offerings with fragrant perfumes:
all cried Hari, Hari! thus they consecrate the drum;
Parameshwar Dâs floats in enjoymen

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