CM (1980 / Arizona)

The Pain Of Being Me.

I sit here with great mental anguish,

Acidic thoughts in my mind languish

my head is a demonic playground

with there claws my senses they pound

come death come I invite thee

in only death can I be truely free

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wow, another great poem for it's strikingly dark theme and bleek ending. it is a truly gorgeous idea that one is completely free in death, but also rather sad that one would invite it. again, great great imagery with the demonic play ground and the claws, it really gives the 'mental anguish' life. thanks for posting, Kath
Another great write cody, with your great vocabulary i think you could even expand on this one.... have a look at my poem 'The Beast Within' 1st poem i ever wrote. Think you might find some similarity's Peace
Wow, this is really good, Cody...