NK ( / Newport news, Va)

The Pain Of Betrayal

sting of betrayal,
only hurt a little first
it eats you alive

many days come and go
everyday that blade cuts more
and deeper, though you

once its all the way
though the pain can never leave,
like a poison killing

the more my heart beats
the faster it will kill me,
yet it feels so slow

the pain spikes the brian
slowly sanity, replace
no longer human

wait upon pity,
fallen souls torment me now
chilling whispers strike

a plague upon self
soul, mind, body all infected
kills me slowly driving

all humanity
vessel with dead emotions,
trap inside never

able to escape
silence i am, broken by
a single whisper

shattered i lay
broken, falling endlessly
will some one save me,

My cries for help quite
Screams denting UNBREAKABLE
silence useless shouts

this void never ends
its a long, long, long way down
falling endlessly

MY sin haven’t washed away

my cowardice ways
have come to hunt me of her
cowardice killed me

crushed broken shattered
i lay in infinite pieces
spread across boundless

places as far the rift
may take you, find me if you
wish i’m not worth time

it stands still for me
as i see it pass by for
those outside the rift

the poison has killed
i pray what happen to me wont
happen to your soul

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interesting take on haiku modern american, are they? the old barber sweeping hair into the giant bag is this too a haiku?