The Pain Of It All

I'm selfish
(6 am can't sleep sitting on the floor)
Im Trying my hardest to forget
Yet im contradicted with a heart that can't forgive
Someone tell me just how that can work
When this heart is filled with pain
And single moments im reminded of the hurt
Reminded of a past that's already passed along
Slowly drifting away like my mind to the perfect lyrics of a song
Blessed with the power to love with all I have
But cursed with the ability to remember like an instant that never passed
No one gets the pain ive endured and the impact that it's had
Fathom my emotions at least half a cup full
Then let me know if you can handle being there as I try to get through
Everything I've ever gone through is thought about daily and
More and more as time has passed
Curse my sentimental and compassionate nature
And curse the part of me that only knows how to grasp
Cause even when it does slip my mind
The goodness of it never really lasts

by Shilesha Johnson

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