The Pain of Letting Go

I close my eyes as his face flashed into my mind,

A face of a man who gives me the pain I feel

A pain of loving him too much,

That will leave a big scar.

Another pain crashed into my heart

Seeing him begging me to hold back

There he is kneeling in front of me

Saying the word 'Don't Let Me Go'

I close my eyes to relax my mind

And find a word that will surely hurt him

A piece of a word that would be a lie

A lie that I don't want but I need to do

I don't know why I came into this situation

In choosing between holding on and letting go

It's hard to do it

When his begging me to hold him tight

Another tears escape from my eyes

When I turn my back to the man I love

I should be happy of what I choose

But I guess, it's the pain of letting go.

by Joecel Joy Jayme

Comments (3)

very good poem expressing the feeling of pain and love. letting go...... did u then find a new? ? thank you very much for this poem. tony
You write beautifully well my friend, , it also seems many of your poems flow in a unique pattern.. Good one there
The pain of letting go is slowly replaced by the joy of finding new.