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The Pain Of My Heart

The Pain Of My Heart

He doesn't know about all the pain
that I feel in my heart for Him.
I'm like an angel that has lost their wings.

My mind tells me to walk away
and I know that I should
but I'm like a moth drawn to a flame,
or like a butterfly to a flower.
Deep inside there is darkness of night,

I know that, my love for you is forbidden.
But, what can I do I long for your touch
and the feel of your lips against mine
it would surely be intoxicating like that of a fine wine.

I look into your angelic eyes and lose myself;
Mine eyes have cried a thousand tears
At the thought of losing you it’s more than my mind
and heart can comprehend
to remain a lone without your love.

I have been alone and lost
in the blindness of the night for to long
since, I have found you the darkness has waned.

I'm forever lost in the love that I feel for you.
Take my hand and let us walk side by side
in the moon light
and never look back
at our past life's hand in hand.

Our love for one another is so very strong,
which time and space can never replace.
I will never be cold and alone.
Again all of our days
will be that of spring time
as long as I have you by my side.

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