The Pain Of My Loss

l can't believe you've left me, lcan't accept you've gone
People say l must let go, l simply must move on

We shared so much together despair and hopes and dreams
Simple childish wishes how long ago it seems

Will l survive without you, will l get through the days
Without your smile your laughter, and your oh so sensible ways

If l close my eyes and concentrate, your face it comes to mind
l can almost hear you talking, with the words l'll never find

The memories they hurt so much, with a pain within my soul
Losing you has left me in a unlit blackened hole

Please somebody turn the clock back, to before that fateful day
Fate robbed me of the chance, to have any words to say

You left me with no time to speak without a last goodbye
l'm drowning in my grief, when all l can do is cry

Will l ever find the peace, for you were like no other
The day my life it changed for good, the day l lost my Mother

by dianne anderson

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