The Pain Of Pain

How do you know how pain really feels?
How do you know when that pain gets healed?
Is it a feeling that is built inside the brain?
Links of emotions stranded by a chain?
If one could describe the feeling of pain on a page,
Would the words come out, or remain locked in a cage.
What distinguishes the feeling from good to bad?
Who knows the feelings that turn you from happy to sad?
What hurts?
What doesn’t?
How do you know?
People hurt.
People heal.
Where do you go?
Why does losing someone you care for break you heart?
Fill your chest with pain, piercing you from far like a dart.
When one gets hurt,
Why do you cry?
When one gets hurt,
Why do you hide?
Running from your problems may solve them then,
But what will you do when they happen again?
For some pain there’s a cure, for some there are not,
Some treatments are pure, but the memory of pain,
Has just been forgot.

by Justin MonacoBarnes

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I like it to00oo0o much thank you
I really like this poem. Well done.